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Reyes, Allan Principal
Holland, April Vice Principal, Administration
Woolsey, Nina Vice Principal, Guidance

Adams, David Math
Aguilar, Remedios Physical Education
Akamine, Estelle Visual and Performing Arts
Alas, Vincent Social Science
Aran, Alice Foreign Language
Arzaga, Daniel Social Science
Baba, Rochelle English Dept. Chair
Bagattin, Cheryl Special Education
Born, Heatherly Special Education
Brady, Kevin Physical Education
Bronstein, Alan Social Science
Carew, Anne Academic Counselor
Chiramberro, Caroline Math
Collado, Maria-Rowena Math
Conroy, Luisa World Languages
Crisan, Shelly Special Education Dept. Chair
Cunradi, Laura English
Day, Vicki English
Dela Cruz, Teresa Math
Delbon, Donald
Della-Puietra, Mary English
Dickinson, Mary Margaret Math
Dyssegard, David Industrial Arts
Earle, Michelle Home Economics Dept. Chair
English, Sarah Academic Counselor
Eulate, Graciela Visual and Performing Arts Dept. Chair
Faxon, Emily Visual and Performing Arts
Finnerty, Andrew English
Fishtrom, Denise Health
Fuentes, Marta Science
Gaines, Ki Special Services Counselor
Gerughty, Jane Science
Giammona, Anthony Special Education
Guyol, Sara Special Education
Hallett, Robert Social Science Dept. Chair
Hammond, Ralph Science
Hannon, Yolanda Science
Harmon, Don English/Social Science
Heath, Jennifer Health
Joe, Howard Business
Kevorkian, Sarmen Social Science
Khoury, George World Languages
Kruger, Julie Social Science
Lavine, John Industrial Arts
Leeper, Jennifer Dean of Students
Leet, Joseph Science Dept. Chair
Leppla, Jacqueline Special Education
Lico-Calimbas, Clarita Math
Magness, Bryan English
Manzano, Armanda English
Marshall, Kara Science
Matelli, Anthony Physical Education
McGraw, Shawn Social Science
Messer, Victor Special Education
Mezzera, Carmen Academic Counselor
Montesano, Philip Librarian
Mullin, Alexandra World Languages Dept. Chair
Murphy, Kevin Social Science
Nase, Bryan Allan Science
Nava, Donna Science
Nemeth, Michael Social Science
Nereu, Michaela ELD Coordinator/Counselor
Nghe, Henry Math
Ogilvie, Helen English
Oliver, Stephanie
Panagopoulos, Peter Visual and Performing Arts/English
Paul, Mary Ann Physical Education
Pena, Susan World Languages
Pham, Ben Business
Phillips, Jaymi English
Pofahl, Steven Physical Education
Punkar, Greg Science
Reed, Gerald Math
Rickman, Kim Physical Education
Sandoval, Christine Math
Shegoian, Sharlyn Visual and Performing Arts
Simon, Michael Director of Student Activities/Business Teacher
Speranza, Jeffrey Math Dept. Chair
Stallard, Susan Math
Stewart, Stephanie Visual and Performing Arts
Tham, Lilian Academic Counselor
Tiatia, Jessica Science
Vazquez, Hector World Languages
Weathers, Jeffry English
Zeal, Ashley English

Borja, Isabel Receptionist
Mauga-Head, Rex Campus Supervisor
Oliver, Stephanie

Franklin, M
Kaing, Jonathan Student - ECS
Saguisag-Sid, Maria PTSA